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What is Reiki?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Reiki is known as a universal vital life force energy. The Japanese word "rei" means "universal", the word "ki" refers to the " vital life force energy", the energy that is thought to be in every living thing. It is an incredibly relaxing experience that encourages the body, mind and spirit to heal themselves.

Practitioners act like a conduit for Reiki energy, delivering it to the client through their hands. The energy flows to the client by the practitioner placing the hands on the body or by hovering the hands a bit above the body (I take the hands off, hovering approach). The energy flows to the client and begins to unblock the clients stagnant energy or slow down energy that is in overdrive. Reiki energy helps the client's energy balance itself and flow properly, thus encouraging the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual to come back in alignment.

Practitioners are specifically attuned by Reiki Master Teachers to help channel the energy more efficiently through themselves to the client; practitioners also raise their own vibration in order to work with the energy more effectively. You will find when I perform a session, I am in a partial meditative state in order to help the flow of energy.

Reiki energy only flows where the client is ready for it to flow, it will never intrude where it is not wanted and can never cause harm.

There are 5 elements of Reiki that set it apart from other energy work:

  1. Attunements. This is where a Reiki master, teaching a student, passes along the ability to tap into the Reiki energy in a grander scale.

  2. Specific Hand positions. These are used by Reiki practitioners during a session to help manipulate energy.

  3. Meditation. The process of connecting with the universal Reiki source to channel Reiki more effectively.

  4. Symbols. Reiki symbols are specific for practicing Reiki. They help practitioners connect to higher levels of energy healing.

  5. Principles. The five Reiki principles represent the philosophy of Reiki and help guide healing and energy balance.

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