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What is Energy Work?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Energy Work encompasses a wide range of modalities designed to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness and to encourage the body, mind and spirit top heal themselves. A few of these modalities I use are Aura sweeping/cleansing, Chakra balancing/sensing, meditation, Cord Cutting (when guided) and Sound Therapy.

Aura sweeping is simply using my hands to sweep through your aura and remove the energy that is no longer serving you.

Charka balancing (or sweeping/cleansing also) is done with my hands performing a scooping motion over your chakras (hands are off the body) and scooping the energy that no longer serves you, out of the chakra area. This is one the most important portions of what I do, because I have found during this process I begin to get a sense of which chakras are needing the most help during the session. I feel a heaviness in my hands that tells me one area is in need more than another area.

Cord cutting is another way of releasing energy that no longer serves you. It simply cuts the cord of energy from people or situations that are no longer needed in your energy field. I do this with the intention that it should only be done if it is meant to be done, for the highest good of the client. When I first had it done to myself by a practitioner, it scared me and I thought I would lose my connection to the people that this practitioner cut the cords of. But it was quite the opposite, my relationships improved and were more light, not so heavy because I was no longer holding onto to their energy. As we go through life and situations we hold onto energy from people and situations where the energy no longer serves us. If you have ever had a situation where it happened years ago, but you recalled it and instantly (and probably unconsciously) felt all of the emotions again, this is holding onto energy that no longer serves you. I used to have a habit of sitting in traffic, and recalling a car accident I had been in. I could literally feel myself being hit though there were no cars around me, this is an example of holding onto the energy of a situation that no longer serves you. The panic and fear I felt were unjustified and creating an emotional mess inside of me years later. It is a very effective tool when doing energy work.

Meditation is essential to the work I do and it can be categorized as energy work because it helps your body relax to accept the work being done and flow the work more efficiently.

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