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What Is Long Distance Reiki

Long Distance Reiki is performing Reiki when a client is not in front of me. Sounds goofy right? I know, I get it, when I first learned of Reiki being done without even being the in presence of a practitioner, I was beyond skeptical. I didn't believe it was real, it sounded like fantasy. However science is proving energy affects energy no matter the distance.

Quantum Physics Entanglement Theory and experiements are showing that energy is connected whether it is right next to each other or thousands of miles apart. The experiments focus on particles that are entagled and then seperated; when something is done to one particle, it affects the particle it is seperated from. Heart Math Institute launched the Global Coherence Initiative to research humans' electromagnetic fields being influenced over great distances. They are conducting experiements with magnometer sensing technology to track the effect of mass human emotions on the Earth's magnetic field. And they are coming up with correlation after correlation in these experiments.

There are studies into the Schumann Resonance (Earth's vibration, considered Earth's "heartbeat) that are yielding fascinating results. Experts are finding there are connections to Schumann Resonance and Alpha/Theta Brainwaves states being triggered in humans, these are the brainwave states that trigger relaxtion and healing.

If you ever think of energy when you walk into a room, you can tell when people are happy or just received terrible news before anyone says anything. Parents are notorious for knowing in a split second something is wrong with their child without even being near their child. Think of how we ask for mass prayers and good vibes when a loved one is very sick or injured, Long Distance Reiki is the same concept.

We are all energy, everything around us is energy. And energy affects energy, everywhere, regardless of distance.

So what I have learned in my schooling is to meditate and raise my vibrations/my energy to a high state of love and healing. Raising one's state of energy is the most effective way to send healing energy and Reiki to another person. A question that comes up often is "can you send bad energy or negative energy" and the answer is no, energy does not have an intention to be "bad" or "negative". If you are in a state where you are angry or anxious when you are sending energy or purposly trying to send bad energy to someone, it simply will not happen. The reason why people think they have been affected by bad energy is because they believe this. Belief and perception are two of the most powerful influencers for humans.

When I perform a Long distance session, I get myself into a good meditative state. I then visualize the person (if I have not seen the person, I concentrate on their name and create an image) and I begin to work on them energectically as if we were doing an in-person session. I start with grounding them and relaxing them, moving onto to cleansing the aura and clearing the chakras. I then go through the hand positions of Reiki in this visualization. I also concentrate on any physical ailements the person may have mentioned they needed help with. Very simple, very effective. You as the client need to do nothing at all. I then email you to let you know how the session went and with any information that came up.

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