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What Happens During a Energy/Reiki Session?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We begin the session by talking about the intention of what you would like to work on. This can be anything from physical ailments, emotions, stress, etc...

In a session there is nothing you need to do, other than relax.

During the session I will play music specifically tuned to Solfeggio frequencies, each of the frequencies have different benefits to them (I will create another post at a later time discussing Solfeggio frequencies in more detail). I will use my intuition to choose the right frequency for your session.

In the beginning, I will take you into grounding yourself and guide you into a meditative state; to get you to an extremely relaxed point and be able to fully absorb the work being done.

I then do a short sweeping/cleaning of your aura and the chakras.

After the cleansing, I begin the Reiki portion of the session which is the majority of the session Usually last from 20 - 45 minutes. I work with my hands off of the body (some practitioners work with their hands on your body). I will begin working with the standard hand positions of Reiki, but I will also go where I am guided to work, where I feel the energy is needed the most. The energy I am helping to run, works on your energy: releasing energy that is stuck, reviving stagnant energy, and slowing down energy that is in overdrive. Balancing out your energy helps to encourage your body, mind and spirit to heal themselves.

I typically will not talk during the Reiki portion of the session in order to keep you in your peaceful state and keep my focus. However, if there is ever a time you wish to say something or need something, feel free. It is meant to be if you need to talk.

Once the session is finished, I will quietly jot down some notes on anything I experienced or any intuitions I received during the session. Then I will gently let you know the session is finished and I will discuss anything that came up during the session. I will ask if there were any experiences you had during the session.

Sometimes during a session the client will have different sensations or experiences, like hot or cold in different parts of the body, a sense of subtle vibrating, a client might see colors while they have their eyes closed, some clients may experience words coming to them that have special meaning or experience a vision that is significant. Some clients may not experience anything other than extreme relaxation or may even fall asleep. Whatever experience or lack thereof, is the right experience for the client at the time.

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