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Reiki Sessions with Energy Work and Sound Therapy
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Meet Jessica Burke

Reiki Master/Teacher Certified - Energy Healing Certified - Sound Therapy Level 1 Certified 

I began my journey into energy work & alternative healing as I struggled to find solutions in Western medicine for my own mental & physical health. On a daily basis, I dealt with headaches, digestives issues, heart palpitations, panic attacks, mystery pains everywhere etc… I have been in the dark trenches of severe depression, in the insane grips of anxiety-driven OCD, in the control of a malfunctioning brain taking me from anger to panic to overwhelming sadness & guilt all in an hour, every hour... Conventional medicine only offered band aids to my problems & seemed to create more issues. As I traveled the alternative healing path, I was a complete skeptic. My skepticism has been a blessing because it has consistently pushed me to look deeper for answers & educate myself in a variety of healing modalities. Every modality I have learned, I have used on myself or had another practitioner work on me. As I began to feel results, I became more solid in my belief that there are solutions to well-being outside of western medicine. Some of the most profound changes have been in my mental health. When I started searching for alternatives, I was at a point of crisis. I had been there before, but at this point, I was getting the most help I had ever received from Western medicine & I was more lost than ever. I had no hope & was deeper in the darkness than I had ever been; afraid this time I was not coming back. Currently, 4+ years later, my mental health is the best I have felt in my entire 46 years; there is no more fear of the darkness & I am no longer lost. As my mental health comes back to alignment, the physical ailments have also begun to repair themselves. There is now a knowing in my bones, that the work I have learned and am still learning is essential to the true wellbeing of people. My nature has always been to help others; to ease their pain & frustration; to find peace within and I now feel I have the tools to truly make a difference for people.

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Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Reiki/Energy Work? Why Me?

I Provide You with Tools for Self Care

A session with me, is not only a relaxing experience, but an enlightening one as well. During a session, I teach the client how to ground themselves and guide them into a meditative state. A client can take these grounding and meditation techniques with them to practice at home. I teach about the sound therapy instruments and the music I use during a session, music that is specifically tuned to different frequencies for different benefits. Throughout the sessions, I educate on energy and how it interacts with the wellness of the body with information on different ways the client can continue working on themselves at home if they wish to. 

Encourages Your Body to Heal Itself
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Constant stress = constant "fight or flight syndrome" = constant "emergency" hormones in our bodies = pain/disease/mental fatigue. The fight or flight hormones are not meant to be released into our bodies constantly, when they are, they create a toxic environment in our bodies. The more you can relax your body & mind, the more you allow your body to heal itself. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but because we are flooded 24/7 by stress, the body never gets a chance to stay in "healing mode".

Our cells vibrate at specific, ideal frequencies, but chronic stress makes the cells vibrate "out of whack" so to speak. Sound therapy instruments are tuned to frequencies designed to resonate with the cells ideal frequencies thus encouraging the cells to fall back into their ideal vibrations. Energy work helps to remove energy blocks and relax the body/mind so the body and cells are able to raise their frequency again. When cells are vibrating at their optimum, healing can take place in the body.

Supports Mental & Emotional Health

Energy work helps to acknowledge and release emotions/traumas; old and new, making room for healing the mind. Sound therapy can help train the brain to stay in higher (positive) frequencies more often, thus lessening negative emotional patterns, i.e you may feel improvements in anxiety, panic, depression. You may begin to experience more periods of joy, peace, relaxation, etc...

Inspires Spiritual Growth, Should you wish

The beauty of energy work and sound therapy is, you do not need to have a spiritual basis or knowledge. It does not discriminate if you have religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs or none. It does not impose views, it does not work on anything that anyone is not ready for. It truly is for everyone. However, for those open to expanding their spirituality, this work can unlock your mind and deepen your perspective in ways you never knew possible.

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Works at the Heart of the Issues

Energy work is all about whole person wellness. This means physical, mental and soul wellness. When the energy in your body and soul is flowing properly, when the body and mind are able to achieve relaxed states more than chaotic states; the physical and mental well-being begin to align. 

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An important disclaimer is: I am not a doctor nor am I a psychological therapist. Anything we discuss, is not medical or theraputic advice, anything we discuss is not encouragement from me to stop any medical care, treatments, therapies or medication. If you decide to stop anything, it is your decision and yours alone. I do encourage you speak to your doctor about any changes, should you wish to make a change. With that said, I do hold myself to the standards of "client privacy", anything we discuss will be kept in private.   

I am Certified Through the Accredited Agency: "Academy of Enegy Healing" & I am a Certified Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists

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An Incredibly Relaxing Experience

I will do my best during the session, to get you to a true relaxed state. A state where your brain ceases the constant chattering, where you body releases the tensions you didn't even know you were holding, a state in which you feel free from everything on your plate; heck you may even take a nap! 

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More Information

For more detailed information on the sessions, what Reiki is, energy work is and sound therapy, please click the tab at the top of the website titled "Session/Energy Info."

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In-Person Session Testimonial

I want to start off by telling you all just how fantastic I feel after just 2 sessions with Jess. I have Lupus & Hashimoto's Disease & there are days when I am in a lot of pain. My legs twitch & jerk really bad most nights, that is before my session with Jess. My shoulders & neck used to hurt a lot, due to typing on a computer all day for work but just 2 sessions in & no more neck or shoulder pain & I have not had to take any meds for my legs or neck/shoulders. I must say I was a little skeptical at first, I thought how is this going to work with no touch (like a massage) which I don't like being touched like that, but believe me when I say it works. Due to the positive experience I have had, I have even refered my roommate as I just know Jess will be able to help him as well. 

— Ronda A.


"I will rise up, rise like the day, I'll rise up in spite of the aches and I will rise a thousand times again"

Rise Up - Andra Day

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